Meet the Team

Chris Allen-Riley has a degree in English and psychology and has been editing professionally since November of 2007. She’s a firm believer that every story has strengths and weaknesses and works hard to help her authors eliminate the weaknesses and highlight the strengths. She enjoys all genres of fiction but has a special love for Young Adult, Romance and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Jessica Bimberg has a B.A. degree in English and has been editing professionally since 2005. While she loves all genres of fiction, she particularly enjoys Romance and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. When asked to describe herself, she only has to go to her Finnish roots to find the perfect way to do so.  She is, without a doubt, a pilkunnussija.

PILKUNNUSSIJA – (NOUN) A person with extreme and unnecessary attention to spelling and grammer, at the cost of popularity and self-esteem.

Literally: “Comma Fucker”

Caitlin Green has a history degree and deep and abiding love of the English language, historical accuracy and random trivia. She’s edited professionally for two years and loves immersing herself in a good story.

Kris Norris, artist and Mac computer devotee, combines her love of visually striking images with high functionality when she designs both cover art and websites. She’s been creating websites and covers since 2011. Examples are available on the Cover Art tab.

Catherine Shepherd has a B.S. degree in Communications. She’s been editing for magazines and newspapers for more than 20 years. Her favorite things are cats, reading and watching TV and sports. She has experience in editing many different genres.


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