Jessica Bimberg is an amazing editor. She has the rare ability to take a good story and make it great. Her attention to both character and plot consistency is phenomenal, and I can always count on her to make suggestions that are in the best interests of the story. In addition, she’s the reigning Queen of Proper Comma Placement. I’ve learned a ton from her, and with her help, I feel confident releasing my stories into the wild. ~Bronwyn Green (Author)

Christine Allen-Riley, of Round Table Author Services, is my secret weapon. She connects all the dots, flags plot holes, catches every comma error, and has even broken me of my ‘and then’ addiction. Her editing has made me a better writer, and my confidence is always high when work she’s edited goes out into the world. The only downside to me telling you how much talent she has is now I’ll have to share her more often! ~Author Sommer Marsden

Kris Norris is beyond compare when it comes to  cover art and website design. Seriously, she’s an absolute wizard when it comes to manipulating existing images and creating something entirely new with them. Her covers have a depth and beauty that’s often lacking in other cover art. And her websites are not only beautiful and functional but also exceptionally easy to navigate. I can’t recommend her work enough. ~ Bronwyn Green (Author)

Chris Allen-Riley is an outstanding editor. I’ve had the privilege to work with her for several years, and I can’t even begin to put a number on the things I’ve learned from her. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, her suggestions spot on and always in the best interest of the story being told. I can alway rely on her to be honest. If it’s in the interest of making my book better and ready to be released, she doesn’t hesitate to call me on anything, and that is something rare and very much appreciated. Chris is incredibly professional but also extremely approachable and easy to work with at the same time. The effort and time she puts into projects is humbling, and with her help, I’m even more proud to put out the stories I do. – Jessica Jarman, Author

Caitlin Green is one of the best proofers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Her knowledge is indispensable, and her attention to detail, astounding. She has an uncanny knack for finding what most would deem those ‘invisible’ errors,  resulting in a much higher quality product. She is positive, intelligent and respectful. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. She’s that good. – Delaney Sullivan

Catherine Shepherd not only brings years of editorial experience to the table (see what I did there? Table…Round Table. 😉  ), but is committed to helping authors polish their work and make it the best it can be without changing their voice or vision. Seeing her join the Round Table team is simply wonderful and has made RTAS my absolute one-stop shop when it comes to preparing my books for publication. I, personally, can’t wait to work with Catherine more in the future. – Jessica Jarman, Author

Jessica Bimberg is a privilege to work with. Her attention to detail and extreme professionalism make her more than simply a talented editor. She has a passion for her work, which shows through her intelligent questions and meticulous attention to detail. She provides healthy feedback while maintaining a positive attitude. Her comments are engaging and insightful. Jessica’s respectful approach to editing definitely results in a higher standard of writing. I highly recommend her services and will continue to use them for all my writing needs. – Kris Norris

Chris Allen-Riley has performed her magic on several of my books over the years. Most recently, I hired Chris to edit The Cut and Solo because I knew she could pull the emotion out of me like no one else could. In my opinion, she’s one of the best editors in the business, and anyone smart enough to hire her truly cares about their finished story. – Carol Lynne

To say I am blessed to have found Kris Norris as a cover artist and website designer is an understatement of massive proportion. She has the talent to find and manipulate images to produce the most breathtaking covers. Her websites are gorgeous and so easy to navigate. She is an absolute joy to work with each and every time. One thing I appreciate and can count on without question is Kris will work hard and she will not stop until I am thrilled with the end result, no matter how many times around it takes.  ~Jessica Jarman, Author

Jess is an outstanding editor. I’ve worked with her on many books, and she is both extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. – Bianca D’Arc

Chris Allen-Riley is the first editor I think of when I need someone. She’s quick, efficient, and not afraid to tell you exactly what you need to hear. It’s those qualities that keep me coming back to her every time. I highly recommend her for all your editing needs! – Lacey Thorn

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Jess for a few years now. She’s always professional, takes the time (thankfully because I ask ‘why’ a lot ) to explain comments/reasoning for her suggestions of changes. Her knack for locating time line issues or plot holes has saved me more than once. For a series, she remembers tiny bits of information from previous stories and will make note if I’ve gone and forgotten something. I’ve never had a problem with her trying to change my voice either, which is very important to me with an editor. I love working with her and am so glad she took me on a few years ago.  ~Aliyah Burke USA Today Bestselling Author

I am so grateful another author recommended Chris to me. She’s excellent at catching issues with development, character, and consistency. My work is much stronger and cleaner after I revise based on her edits.  – Author Lisa Carlisle

My name is Kim Dare. I’ve been working with Chris since June 2008. In that time, she’s edited over seventy different projects for me, ranging from short stories to full length novels. She’s never failed to deliver spectacular service. The perfect blend of professionalism and friendly approachability, she has a wonderful talent for pointing out what I’m doing wrong, without making me feel as if I’ve done anything wrong. She’s always my first choice of editor – I can’t recommend her highly enough.



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